Ultrasonic level transmitter

Ultrasonic level transmitter
  • Ultrasonic level transmitter
  • Ultrasonic level transmitter
  • Ultrasonic level transmitter

level transmitter, ultrasonic level transmitter

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Principle of Operation

The ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle that the energy transducer (the sensor) emits an ultrasonic pulse train, receives and selects some echoes reflected from the medium surface, converting them into electronic signals.

The ultrasonic pulse travels at the speed of sound, and the time interval between emitting and receiving is in proportion to the distance between the sensor and the medium surface. The formula relating the distance S, sound speed C and the transmitting time T is as following: S=C×T/2 The overlapping of the emitting and reflecting pulse within an area close to the sensor cannot be identified and measured due to the limit width of the emitting ultrasonic pulse, the area is called Dead Zone.

The distance of the dead zone is associated with the working frequency of the Ultrasonic Level Transmitter. The measuring reference level is at the bottom of the sensor.Also, this level meter can be sealed with Teflon.

But, in this way, the cost will be increased, and the signals maybe attenuated little, which won't affect normal operation.


1. Aluminum housing, optional for ex-proof of intrinsically safe.
2. It can be used for applications of both liquid and particles.
3. Open channel flow and level measurement is available.
4. Echo curve display.


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