Radar level transmitter

Radar level transmitter
  • Radar level transmitter
  • Radar level transmitter
  • Radar level transmitter
  • Radar level transmitter

Radar level transmitter

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Product description

PWRD90 series radar level transmitter are 26GHz high frequency transmitter with analog signals 4-20Ma, the max. measuring distance is up to 70m. The antenna has been further optimized, and the latest update microprocessor can make higher speed signals analysis, which enables the level transmitters can be used in very complicated measuring applications such as reaction kettle or solid bunker.

Working principle

The Radar Level Transmitter antenna emits narrower micro wave pulses which will be transmitted via the antenna. The micro wave will be reflected back after touching the surface of a medium, then antenna system will receive it and transmit it into the electrical circuit, which will be automatically turned into the level signals.

A: Setting measuring range
B: Low level adjustment
C: High level adjustment
D: Dead zone

Measuring reference: the bottom surface of threads or the sealing surface of a flange

Note: when using the radar level transmitter, must keep the highest level of medium out of the dead zone(see area D shown in the drawing)


1. The Radar Level Transmitter adapts the emitting frequency of 26GHz, therefore it has the following features:
2. Noncontact measuring, no abrasion, no contamination.
3. Easy installation due to small size of antenna.
4. Shorter wave length, which can get better reflect for the inclined solid surface.
5. Smaller measuring dead zone, which can get better measuring result for small tanks.
6. Smaller beam angle, which makes the energy be more concentrated, enhancing the wave reflection ability which can keep signals more powerful to avoid obstacles.
7. Almost unaffected by corrosion and foams.
8. Sensor protection grade IP68, transmitter protection up to IP68(1bar).
9. Even in heavy dust environment, the transmitter can also receive the real level return wave.
10. High SNR, which can make the instrument get better performance.
11. Frequency 26GHz is the best option for measuring solid and low dielectric constant medium.


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