How to solve vortex flow meter 50Hz interface?

The interference signals of vortex flowmeters mainly include electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration interference. How to solve these two anti-interference problems becomes the key to improve the vortex flowmeter.
The solution to the ground current interference is to reduce or eliminate the ground current. The most thorough way is to isolate the DC power from the secondary meter. The DC power supply is isolated by the transformer and then rectified into a DC supply vortex flowmeter, so that there is no electrical connection between the ground wire of the secondary instrument and the ground wire of the piezoelectric crystal.
At the same time, the effective measurement signal becomes a pulse signal after preamplification, and is output to the secondary instrument through the pulse transformer, which fundamentally eliminates the influence of the ground current, and is an extremely effective anti-interference measure. However, the method of transformer isolation is relatively high in cost and large in volume, and it is not easy to realize in the manufacturing process, which greatly reduces the practicability of the vortex flowmeter. The optical isolation current limiting anti-interference measures can effectively reduce the interference of the ground current.
1. The signal line is shielded and the shield is grounded. (excluding signal line interference) This is a must be used during installation.
2. Add a shielding box to install the flow meter. (excluding body interference)
It is a regular one. Generally speaking, the jammer is electromagnetic interference.
1. Adopt shielded line output signal;
2, try to avoid laying with AC power (220V, 50Hz);
3. The installation conditions on the site are not good, and it is really inseparable. The shielding layer of the signal line must be reliably grounded;
4. The signal wire is protected by a metal tube to reduce vibration and shock, and avoid causing static interference;
5. The input and output ends of the transmitter of the vortex flowmeter are kept dry and clean;
6. The transmitter of the signal line and vortex flowmeter should be as far away as possible from high-power motors, transformers and other power equipment.
7. Reliable grounding of the negative pole of the power supply
There is another situation: if you have a secondary instrument with an alarm, this interference will also seriously affect the alarm function. If this is the case, add a filter circuit to the power supply of the secondary meter to eliminate the electromagnetic interference.
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